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March 30th, 2006, 10:26
Hello I been away because of illness and I not feel that great. But I have been enjoying playing the psp. I have not been able to get the neo geo cd emulator to work on my 1.50 to play. And because I can not spend much time on the internet because of my illness I have been force to give up on it. I have neo geo emulator running on my pc and the game like metal slug are really cool to play. I just which I could get them to work on the psp. I just thought I do a few post to see if I can get help on other topics.


March 30th, 2006, 17:49
Hope youre feeling better :)

IS your directory setup like below and do you have the neogeo cd bios and are you sure that the metal slug game is negeocd and not just neogeo arcade version.

(or any others directory since v0.5)
+ loading.bmp
+ logo.bmp

Games can be zipped or unzipped.
Music in mp3 format have to be in a "neocd.mp3" subfolder.