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June 11th, 2009, 12:16
It's possible to play recorded demos in Quake PSP. The only pre-work to be done is the prepping of the autoexec.cfg script. Plus, if the demos are contained in a pak0.pak file, then you will need to extract them and place them in ID1\ folder (use Pak Explorer).

I like watching the Quake done Quick series of demos. Here is an example of for Quake 100% Lite demos:

alias demoall "demo10"
alias _demoall "credits"

alias demo10 "playdemo e1m0; alias demoall demo11; alias _demoall credits"
alias demo11 "playdemo e1m1; alias demoall demo12; alias _demoall demo10"
alias demo12 "playdemo e1m2; alias demoall demo13; alias _demoall demo11"
alias demo13 "playdemo e1m3; alias demoall demo14; alias _demoall demo12"
alias demo14 "playdemo e1m4; alias demoall demo15; alias _demoall demo13"
alias demo15 "playdemo e1m5; alias demoall demo16; alias _demoall demo14"
alias demo16 "playdemo e1m6; alias demoall demo17; alias _demoall demo15"
alias demo17 "playdemo e1m7; alias demoall demo18; alias _demoall demo16"
alias demo18 "playdemo e1m8; alias demoall demo20; alias _demoall demo17"

alias demo20 "playdemo e2m0; alias demoall demo21; alias _demoall demo18"
alias demo21 "playdemo e2m1; alias demoall demo22; alias _demoall demo20"
alias demo22 "playdemo e2m2; alias demoall demo23; alias _demoall demo21"
alias demo23 "playdemo e2m3; alias demoall demo23_2; alias _demoall demo22"
alias demo23_2 "playdemo e2m3_101; alias demoall demo24; alias _demoall demo23"
alias demo24 "playdemo e2m4; alias demoall demo25; alias _demoall demo23_2"
alias demo25 "playdemo e2m5; alias demoall demo26; alias _demoall demo24"
alias demo26 "playdemo e2m6; alias demoall demo27; alias _demoall demo25"
alias demo27 "playdemo e2m7; alias demoall demo27_2; alias _demoall demo26"
alias demo27_2 "playdemo e2m7_101; alias demoall demo30; alias _demoall demo27"

alias demo30 "playdemo e3m0; alias demoall demo31; alias _demoall demo27_2"
alias demo31 "playdemo e3m1; alias demoall demo32; alias _demoall demo30"
alias demo32 "playdemo e3m2; alias demoall demo33; alias _demoall demo31"
alias demo33 "playdemo e3m3; alias demoall demo34; alias _demoall demo32"
alias demo34 "playdemo e3m4; alias demoall demo35; alias _demoall demo33"
alias demo35 "playdemo e3m5; alias demoall demo36; alias _demoall demo34"
alias demo36 "playdemo e3m6; alias demoall demo37; alias _demoall demo35"
alias demo37 "playdemo e3m7; alias demoall demo40; alias _demoall demo36"

alias demo40 "playdemo e4m0; alias demoall demo41; alias _demoall demo37"
alias demo41 "playdemo e4m1; alias demoall demo42; alias _demoall demo40"
alias demo42 "playdemo e4m2; alias demoall demo43; alias _demoall demo41"
alias demo43 "playdemo e4m3; alias demoall demo44; alias _demoall demo42"
alias demo44 "playdemo e4m4; alias demoall demo45; alias _demoall demo43"
alias demo45 "playdemo e4m5; alias demoall demo46; alias _demoall demo44"
alias demo46 "playdemo e4m6; alias demoall demo47; alias _demoall demo45"
alias demo47 "playdemo e4m7; alias demoall demo48; alias _demoall demo46"
alias demo48 "playdemo e4m8; alias demoall demoend0; alias _demoall demo47"

alias demoend0 "playdemo end0; alias demoall demoend; alias _demoall demo48"
alias demoend "playdemo end; alias demoall credits; alias _demoall demoend0"

alias credits "playdemo credits; alias demoall demo10; alias _demoall demoend"

bind RTRIGGER "demoall"
bind LTRIGGER "_demoall"

Left trigger to cycle demos backwards, right trigger to cycle demos forward.

PS: http://speeddemosarchive.com/quake/qdq/movies/ for the Quake done Quick demos.

PSS: Ofcourse, would be nice if all this was built into Quake PSP itself...

June 11th, 2009, 20:31
Tell me what you think guys.

Also let me know if there's other better easier ways to select & play demos (without manually typing)...