View Full Version : NAND erased

June 11th, 2009, 13:30
hi all,

1st, i erased my NAND. :rofl:

But i have the key.txt (xyzzy), a NAND-backup (YaWnD v0.1) and an INFECTUS v2.
The NAND-backup is only 512MB (without ECC-data).
After flashing bloc 0-8 with the INFECTUS from another Wii-NAND, i can run BootMii or cBoot2.
The problem is, cant restore my Backup with BootMii (not 528MB).
And cBoot2 cant find any IOS to start WAD-Manager (because NAND is empty).

My questions: Is it somehow possible to blow up my old backup to 528MB ?
Or is there another way at time to unbrick my Wii with all this things?

(sorry for not the best english)

Thank you