View Full Version : UMD Drive Stopped Working

June 13th, 2009, 00:21
So I have a PSP 3000 I got in January, and it's been working fine until I dropped it yesterday. All of a sudden the UMD drive has ceased functionality, not spinning up or turning on the laser. I'm using firmware 5.03 and have been using ChickHEN and CFE. It does not work on any of these, I've tried with and without multiple memory sticks and taken out the battery and just let it sit. It won't let backup isos run unless I change to the m33 driver, but I'd still like to be able to use my UMD drive. I have also gone to default settings with no change whatsoever. There is no sound at all from the UMD drive when the PSP is started up, with or without a UMD inside.

EDIT: So I figured out what caused the problem (I think).

It appears that the switch that activates when you close the door has broken. It's the little black one in the tiny silver box in the top left of the open door part, and I'm fairly sure this is what it is: http://www.thegametrain.com/bmz_cache/c/c125d4a74f223041498adcbf5676cbf0.image.135x135.jpg

So my PSP is still under warranty, but the problem is that they'll upgrade to the 5.51 firmware which is unhackable at the moment. And I'm about to leave for a 3 week vacation. Hopefully they'll have hacked it by then, but who knows.