View Full Version : Help fixing controller (not the port)

April 8th, 2006, 06:15
I have 3 dreamcast controllers and each one has something diff wrong with it. I have 1 official Sega controller and 2 madcatz ones. I'de really like to get my madcatz ones working properly. The one madcatz dpad seems like its stuck in the left position, but its not really "stuck". I took it apart and checked it all out and nothing is in the way of it. The official sega one the right trigger doesnt work at all, I have also taken this one apart and nothing is broken off inside.. it just doesnt seem to register. I have tried searching the internet for some kind of a schematic or something that would explain the board layout a little better so I could try and fix these problems. All I have been able to find are controller mods and such. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

April 8th, 2006, 07:26
All i have to mention is a couple of things. Not sure if your an oldie to the Dreamcast or a newbie but when your Dreamcast first boots do not hold the Joysticks in the left or right position or it will be locked to that position through out the game. Another thing usually with MadCatz third party controllers are not great and usually dont last and those controllers i had probs with on PC.

Commercial controllers usually last but Sega unfortunetly made these controllers very cheap cause they spent enough time on the hardware. Enough people have complained about that back in the era of the making of Dreamcast.

Anyways i havent had a problem with my Dreamcast but maybe because of how cheap they were made maybe they last like a third party controller. I recommend purchasing some new ones i dont know how expensive they are but i would think they are cheaper these days.

Its either the controllers or the ports in the system are acting funny with the wiring no clue ptr is usually god with hardware problems. Im guessing he will reply if not some other genious will.