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January 1st, 1970, 01:00
Storminator16 (Will Sams)and kilokahn (Chris Haslage)are making a radio show for the Dreamcast scene available through Shoutcast. The show will cover both homebrew and emulation release and hopefully with have some guests.[br]Will is currently looking for a dedicated shoutcast server, can u help? [br][br][br]more information can be found in this storm-studios.net ]forum (http://s101533388.onlinehome.us/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=28&sid=0f190a04c3783173e03c41111274fb12[br)[br][br][br]

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September 9th, 2004, 07:55
A scene radio show has been something that has been kicked around by me and Chris Haslage (kilokahn) at times and I finally got a wild hair up my butt. For those of you who don't know, Chris is a college radio DJ. When this said wild hair rode up butt I decided the time is now. I really want to get this done, and I really want to make sure this show is done right. I've actually been trying to perfectly nail this show the past couple of days, and I'll have a "test" show for download tomorrow. I actually did one today but things went horribly wrong. It was too long, and I was rambling. I need input from you guys, so please send me your e-mails [email protected] All of your questions and comments to be read on the show can be sent there, or you can just send me general mail to [email protected] I want participation from you guys for the show because this can not work without you.

September 9th, 2004, 12:56
I hope this doesn't mean that there is no interest in this. :'( I'm not going to waste further time if there isn't :/

September 9th, 2004, 13:46
Oh. I think there's interest in it. I haven't responded, because I don't have a clue what would be required of a Shoutcast server. Otherwise, I would have offered to help you with a server.

I am interested, but I've never dealt with Shoutcast before, so I don't even know how I would listen to it.

BTW - I used to be a college DJ ;D

September 9th, 2004, 18:58
i thought i put in a reply man these forums scare me but i said i would do this cause i know a lot of people would be listening the only thing i want to know is what is required to listen to this cause if it includes using Dreamcast and BBA i have a problem i have a dreamcast sadly no BBA

September 9th, 2004, 20:05
Well, streaming audio would require Winamp, Real Player, DC Playa (with a BBA) or any other app out there that allows streaming audio from the internet. The show will be available for downloads, and this will probably used the most .

September 10th, 2004, 00:41
i don't know if i'll listen to it. i heard they might be playing hanson.

September 10th, 2004, 02:11
you heard wrong, they are playing manson