View Full Version : HELLPPPPPPPP PSP trouble

July 1st, 2009, 23:41
Hey guys i ry need ur help s yesterday i was playing my psp well was accually pspfiler so i was moving dome psprevolution stuff. when its finished moving pspfiler stuffed up so i went to the home menu. i clicked mon ms for game says theres no games same for music and videos.when i plug int usb it comes up saying theres only ps folder so i start to put my blackup back but it says theres nt enoguh soace???????? on my psp its says i have 221mb says theres nothing anywher on usb i rly need ur help. warranty has expired!!!!!!!!:(:(

July 3rd, 2009, 16:02
OK Calm down,Can you Enter Recovery mode on your PSP?(Hold R Trigger+Power on at same Time) When you Connect your PSP 2 The PC Via Usb,Can U Browse the PSP Folder?What does it read? And How Many GB is your memory stick?