View Full Version : Memory stick file recovery

July 14th, 2009, 10:07
Does anyone know if it is possible to recover files from a formatted memory stick?

I'm trying to get hold of some save files from a dodgy bootleg stick that has been formatted.

I've already blasted it with Recuva but no dice - any tips?

July 14th, 2009, 15:57
I don't think you can, because the majority of bootleg memory sticks are compressed so they read a larger capacity than they actually are.

32mb > 1GB - 64mb > 2GB - 128mb > 4GB.

On a PC, erased data can be restored until something takes the memory that it once had. I read somewhere that deleted files weren't actually deleted, but I believe it to be different for a memory stick as it's nothing more than a microchip in an enclosure.

July 15th, 2009, 15:49
Thanks for the info Vampdude,

After a bit of dicking around with the offending stick, I've come to the conclusion that it's physically knackered.

Mark that one up to experience and I guess I'll have to source better next time!