View Full Version : C&C4 shots and info

July 20th, 2009, 17:28
The first screens and details have emerged on Command & Conquer 4 via a French games mag, picked up by a C&C fansite. Nothing is safe these days.

Here's what the fans have ripped from the mag (potential spoiler alert if it turns out to be bang on the money):

Kane contacts GDI after all hope is lost due to the Tiberium contamination, forming the "Tiberium network control", which allows to control Tiberium spread, as well as turn it into an inexpensive power source- but of course, the extremists of both parties don't agree with this shift, sparking a new war

FMVs won't consist of much asinine babbling in front of bluecsreens, there should be much more action ahead

Our character will play an important role in the story, but FMVs remain 1st person

Much more mature and stern tone

Crawler produces all our units, and is upgradeable as our standard units are

Lost crawlers are instantly replaced, and you can choose between offensive, defensive or engineer classes

Tiberium will be collected by refineries you erect yourself at pre-determined spots

All SP and MP matches will net you experience points to unlock new tech

Oil derricks as secondary income (Unconfirmed!)