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January 1st, 1970, 01:00
Ian Micheal posted some news and plans for the next release of NeoCD SDL at the IMRtech forum (http://imrtechnology.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=556):[br][br]*New version [...] will feature the first starting of the database system. Shadows is fixed on this version and super sharp standard grafix and the filtered will be selectable. It will tell you on screen when it's saving as well. [br][br]*Game speeds will be faster across the ones in the database. This lets us use frameskip or underclocking on one game *EG* metal slug and the rest will be normal standard that means lots of games will be #zeroframeskip and will not need any help, the games that need to use frameskip or underclocking to gain speed will use it, I think thats a first on any emulator for dreamcast dont know about pc thou. So as you people have siad the ones's that were slow i can use frameskip on and the one's that are fast i dont have to this fixes the problem of over speeding on games which is why viewpoint use to be to fast and some games the cdda did not match up. [br][br]*So the next version will be worth geting but it's going to be 4 to 5 days of working testing the right settings for each game please post the slowest games in a list for me and how much you think they need to be sped up by some will have to be guessing on my part i dont own those games and yours guess that is on what speed it's running at. [br][br]Just to give the good news first now - the Bad news is the SFX code was crashing these games that dont load So even if it was fully fast and working some were crashing. I think there is a file system error in the cdrom code or the way it workings on kos not an error in the code pc version works fine. Some real cd's are not loading ive been told these games have a ring around them and are not the same as the other working cds dreamcast's cd drive might not be able to read these cd's throu kos it has trouble with some mix mode cd's thats why CDDA is not working on every disk is my guess. [br][br]We want all real cd's to work to, looks like not all of them do at this point. I can only go on what im told me.[br]

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