View Full Version : What Should I Get?

April 27th, 2006, 00:21
im going on a trip soon with my friends and i want to take my psp with me of course but im not sure which assesories i need and should have. does anyone have any recommendations on a must or something that is good or even stuff i should watch out for as they breakeasily or what not?? i was thinking of a aluminum charge protecction or airform umd pocket and sandisk memory disk (2gb) butttt i dunno.. i was in general looking for a good psp case though ihave the pouh that came with it but i was thinking of the one that gies it like 8 more hours o game/movie play xP or something that holds games....... it would also be appreciated if these items were sold in canada ><; in commonly stores such as walmart or wahtnot hahaha