View Full Version : Midwest Gaming Classic Report #2

May 29th, 2004, 09:32
Barret7sc has posted in our forums that he had done a report on the recent Midwest Gaming Classic, heres a little of that report:[br][br] The Midwest Gaming Classic was held this last weekend, May 22-23 2004. Myself, and a couple of my S+F cohorts went down to pimp our game Inhabitants for the Sega Dreamcast, which is being published by The GOAT Store. The short story: it rocked. [br][br]I was really excited about getting down there, seeing my work published, being able to sound like a carnival barker as I tried to draw people in to play at the demo kiosks. I hate people, but I love gatherings. We flew down a day early so we could get our wits about us, check in with the GOAT Store crew, and generally check the place out. By the way Midwest Airlines is awesome if you ever need to fly from DC to the midwest, or vice versa. [br][br]We got in touch with Dan Loosen of the GOAT store that Friday evening and helped setup the 16 or so Dreamcasts and monitors, getting 4 just for Inhabitants, and 2 to demo the Helibomber DC port, and any other projects we wanted to show off. It was a lot of work getting everything done, and we were a bit disappointed that due to a manufacturing glitch, the pressed CD's of Inhabitants were not there. Oh well, we did the job with CD-R copies, and took pre-orders. Still, having the discs probably would have helped us sell a few more copies. Well, anyways. [br][br]We went to sleep that evening, and woke bright and early to get down and make sure everything was plugged in and running. After running into some trouble with the Dreamcast VGA boxes, we finally got all the kiosks working. We had an awesome display, with large format prints of the box art of Inhabitants, Maqiupai, and Feet of Fury, the three homebrew releases that the GOAT store has done so far. They really went all out in getting everything set up. It was really busy that first day, but the Dreamcast section started out a little slow. Throughout the day it picked up and we got a chance to wander around the show. I drank some Bawls from the Bawls girl, and bounced around with my caffeine high. I talked to a lot of people, was proud to show off the game, had a good response from Helibomber, even having one guy who played it suggest changing the army guys into women heading to a shoe sale. [br][br]Read the rest Here (http://www.sevensoupcans.com/vent/)