View Full Version : ClrMamePro 3.130a Released

August 13th, 2009, 17:10
via Bazzie Bizzle.com (http://bazziebizzle.com/)

ClrMamePro (a ROM auditing tool) has been updated once again.

Here's what's new in ClrMamePro 3.130a:

rename wizard: improved fuzzy name compare
rename wizard: don't allow identical new names, the one with the best method wins
misc: don't replace illegal chars in description tags until you use it for writing
misc: reapplying setinformation options "incl.clones/parents" on profile load, this can be useful if you limit sets with "available sets" (and the parent/clone options) to auto-enable some renamed sets on dat update. However you still should recheck the limit sets after an update since limiting sets is not robust against massive renames.
misc: improved chd decompress and check hash routines slighly[/li]
fixed: checkbox init of scanner->Hash&CHD->CHD MD5/SHA1 is not always correct
fixed: header support getRealSize was still broken

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