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May 5th, 2006, 10:52
Here's the download link
Links2 (http://ftp.berlios.de/pub/pspradio/pre_releases/links1090.zip)

quote from raf
This list includes what was already part of the plugin for PSPRadio:
(raf) Dyn/Retawq: -Updated code to take advantage of changes to newlib (for pipes/file descriptors/sockets)
(raf) Dyn/Retawq: -Cleaned up the code to make it easier to update when a new version of retawq is available.
(raf) Dyn/Links2: -Browser ported to PSP. PSPRadio plugin created. Using version 2.1pre20 with utf8 patch. Using SDL SW Surfaces for graphics.
(raf) Dyn/Links2: -dithertable is now saved to file, if file is found (now provided), the its loaded instead of generated. (This speeds up startup from over 1min to seconds)
(raf) Dyn/Links2: -danzeff SDL library used for OSK. Thanks, Danzel.
(raf) Dyn/Links2: -Screenshot can be taken pressing SELECT. Use File->Switch to PSPRadio to go back to PSPRadio. Then select the plugin again to get back to Links2.
(raf) Dyn/Links2: -SMB support is completely removed to free more memory.
(raf) Dyn/Links2: -Removed support for all languages except english to free more memory.
(raf) Dyn/Links2: -Removed japanese font to free more memory.
(danzel) Dyn/Links2: -Use lite danzeff OSK now (no transparencies) to free memory.
(raf) Dyn/Links2: -Version reported includes the subversion revision now.

-Thanks go to Sem for the icon/background art!
-Danzel for Danzeff OSK
-Sandberg for work on GU (upcoming release Smile )
-For now, Links2 just connects to the first configured network profile during startup.
-You can reconnect to the access point by doing CROSS+SELECT
-Not tested under eLoader (report your experience)
-All available memory is allocated