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May 6th, 2006, 00:33
I'm intersted in getting a DS so I can run a personal organiser homebrew app on there but alot of the information I find about how to set up and run home brew is either conflicting or incomplete.

So, the way I understand it so far, I'll need a Super Pass DS 2 (for a newer version DS) and a Flash Cart.

I can either continually use the Super Pass DS 2 adapter to get homebrew to run or use it once with FlashME and not need to use it again.. correct so far?

Now from here (assuming all I've said is correct), is where the information all over the net bassicly dissappears. What happens now? With the Flash Cart thing, do I download homebrew programs to it from my computer and then will they just run on the DS once either the Super Pass is used or I have FlashME on there or is there another step?

How do I get emulators/roms of things like the commodor64 or NES working?

Can I have more than one program/file on the flash cart at a time or do I need to replace whats on there when I want to use something else (or alternativly have more carts)?

And, finnally, are all the homebrew apps for the DS well made by skilled people or not really? (anyone with personal experience with the OrganiserDS app (I think its called that) would be appreciated :)

Ok, long post, sorry for bothering you guys (especially if I've just completly overlooked something), but hopefully you can help me :)

May 8th, 2006, 23:00

Hope this helps.

I have a GBA with a Supercard but things are pretty similar when using them.

When you get the card you get software to patch the roms for use on the card and this works for most of them. You then transfer them to your memory card.

If you want to use homebrew games there are some quite good ones around you can find with a little "Googling".

You can also back up your own commercial games with a flash linker which reads your roms and stores them on your PC. The idea of this is so you can store lots of games on one card - although some people do just download them from the net.

As for managing the files, the are "shell" programs around, like "Moonshell" which is a file management system which is pretty convenient.With this you can manage your games, movies, photos, music and images.

On top of this you get extra in-game functions. There are loads of cards around. M3 is supposed to be the best, Supercard the cheapest and most versatile and others which comes with card reader links.

Don't discount the GBA SP, it's a great game system and there are good personal organiser programs for it.