View Full Version : Two new homebrew games to be published on Dreamcast

April 28th, 2004, 18:30
Some great news from Lik Sang (http://www.lik-sang.com/news.php?artc=3349&lsaid=219793) [br] We have been reporting earlier about the Dream On Amateur Coding Competition for the Dreamcast. A couple of weeks ago, the winners have been revealed and the two first spots have been granted a very great and unique prize: have their game professionally mass-produced and published. GOAT Publishing is once again taking care of getting that part of the job done, same as they did for Cryptic Allusion's hot-selling Feet Of Fury. A retail price as well as a release date has been set up and Lik Sang is now starting to accept preorders for these new homebrew publications following Feet of Fury's stepstones: Maqiupai (second prize) and Inhabitants (grand winner). Both titles are priced at US$ 14.90 and are expected to be shipping on or before May 24th.[br][br][b]Inhabitants - Cool puzzle game with 4-players fun mode[br]Put your skills to the test as you work your way through level after level of tile clearing action![br][br]S+F Software brings you Inhabitants, where you and up to three of your friends can compete for the highest score! Or play by yourself, unlocking new modes of play along the way.[br][br]Inhabitants features:[br][br][br][br]Various modes of play, each with its own strategies and challenges[br][br]Multiplayer action for up to four players at once[br][br]Four unique tilesets and backgrounds[br][br]Tons of unlockable content[br][br][b]Maqiupai - Get into Ancient China's crazy mah-jong[br][br]Maqiupai is based on the ancient Chinese game of Mahjong, the origins of which are shrouded in mystery. Some historians believe the game began over 25 centuries ago in the time of Confucius and sailors and fishermen first made Mahjong popular as a card game that served as a diversion to the monotony of long ocean voyages. The cards that the sailors played with eventually gave way to bone and bamboo tiles that didn't easily slide off the tables.[br][br]Today, Mahjong is just as popular as ever and is played throughout the world! Here in Hong Kong, thousands of people are addicted to this game, gambling around the boards in the Mahjong clubs night after night. With Maqiupai, your Dreamcast calls you to the challenge of this ancient game of skill and strategy, with a mix of adventure through the in-game storyboard. Will you be able to remove all of the tiles in each challenging puzzle before time runs out? [br][br]More Info at Lik Sang (http://www.lik-sang.com/news.php?artc=3349&lsaid=219793)