View Full Version : c64 emulator and creatures game

May 10th, 2006, 19:00
Can anyone tell me how to get creatures working or running on my psp 2.6.
I have urchins c64 emulator have put game file into C64ROMS file and the game loads but it sez press f8 to start game but on screen keyboard only goes up to f7 ive noticed that if i use my psp square button on the other options marked f3 f4 and so on it will toggle the options.So if i highlight f4 and press the square button it will do options for f5 so ive highlighted f7 thinking that if i press square button it will utilise the f8 button but i just get a black screen.
So what i need is does anyone know how to get creatures working on urchins c64 emulator or is there anyone playing creature on their psp 2.6 if so please let me know how you done it as i love this game and deperate to play it again as the tape deck on my c64 has had it
Thanks to anyone and everyone