View Full Version : SNES9xTYL-0.4.1 Won't save state...

May 10th, 2006, 21:10
I might be doing something wrong here, but for some reason everytime i use the GTA Loader on my SNES emulator it says that my battery is too low to save state. Even though so far it has been as high as 89% and still not able to save. The emulator even says it has close to 7 hours of play left on it. Anyone else have this problem, if so how did you fix it, if you did. I looked all through the emulator settings and nothing helped, it did this with v. 3 of the emulator too. Before when i was a lower firmware and using kxploit it never did this, it's really pissing me off, cause it also shuts my PSP down whenever i power it off, so basically i am working my ass off to play old ff and chrono trigger only to have to restart every time i play them.. I appreciate any help..........................................MATT

May 10th, 2006, 23:15
hi there first of all what psp firmware version are you running and also which e boot loader bock have you got to check this go to saved data utility on your psp and look for the eloader then when u see the picture appear look in bottom right corner and u will see the version, mine is 0.9.7 which is the current one i need for firmware 2.60 which is what i have so let me no asap and i will post you links directly to a snes emulator download that i know works and is fast and you can save with no problems il even include screenshots for you just let me no your version first

May 10th, 2006, 23:32
try this as exactly as i explain if u are on 2.60 firmware or 200 or above and using e loader bock 0.9.7 first download this http://dl.qj.net/Snes9x-TYL-v0.3-User-Mode-PSP-Emulators/pg/12/fid/2174/catid/135 then once you have downloaded it you need to click on unpatched once you have done that you need to click on the s9xtyl and move it to psp /game then check out this site for roms http://www.rom-world.com/index.php and click super nintendo save a couple of roms then move them to psp /game and snestyl then load up gta and wait click the emulator and then load a game put frameskip to 2 psp clock to 333z screen full sound 44 and when u click save state you should find it works with no problems good luck :D :D

May 10th, 2006, 23:43
ps let me no if you had any luck with my help posts :)

May 11th, 2006, 03:27
Well, you were very helpful, i appreciate it, but the thing is i have all of that done already but it's just for some reason it keeps saying my battery is too low to save state. It is very strange, i have a 2.6 with the same Eloader you mentioned, it's just being strange right now for some reason, i think i might need to try a kernel version of the program.......

May 11th, 2006, 14:38
yes that does seem strange because i would think with the same e loader and firmware 2.60 that it would save fine because mine does if i was you i would download snes uo_sns9x version 0.02y32 go here and download http://psp-news.dcemu.co.uk/unofficialsnes9xpsp.shtml /// its a great emulator even if its an early one but i have managed to run any rom i like so far on it and its fast aswell and i have no doubt that saving state will be fine with this one trust me you just click save sate choose slot 0 to 9 and then when u want to load you just click load state and load the number which you chose to save state. flick the psp analog left to get thease options up. try it once more its worth a shot its at the very top of the link i gave you the version you need hope this helps if this dosent work then man im as confused as you are but give this one a shot well worth a go :) :) :)