View Full Version : Raine: Mame's long lost brother

May 11th, 2006, 21:14
I think it is great that there has been much progress in getting MAME running on the PSP, however I wonder why no one has looked at getting Raine ported.

I remember some 8 years ago when I had a crap PC, Raine was the emu I used when I wanted to play games on MAME but was having issues with speed.

I think it only supported about 40-50 games back then. Now it has support of 567 games.

CPS1, CPS2, Taito, Psikyo, lots of shmups.
Elevator Action 2 anyone?

The source is ready for the taking.

I think this would be a good port to start off with, incase we can't ever get decent speeds with the upcoming MAME releases.

Just my 2 cents, but I would enjoy them both. :D