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September 22nd, 2009, 20:18
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A new version of OpenTTD has been released. Quote: "OpenTTD is a clone of the Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe", a popular game originally written by Chris Sawyer. It attempts to mimic the original game as closely as possible while extending it with new features. OpenTTD is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.0. For more information, see the file ´COPYING´ included with every release and source download of the game."

0.7.3-RC1 (2009-09-13)
- Add: [NoAI] AITown::GetLastMonthTransportedPercentage and AIIndustry::GetLastMonthTransportedPercentage (r17294)
- Add: [NoAI] AICompany::Get/Set PresidentGender (r17016)
- Add: [NoAI] AIEngine::GetDesignDate (r17014)
- Add: [NoAI] AIStation::GetConstructionDate (r17012)
- Add: [NoAI] AIAbstractList::SORT_ASCENDING / SORT_DESCENDING (r17005)
- Change: [NoAI] AITown::GetLastMonthProduction now returns the same value as AITown::GetMaxProduction (r17293)
- Change: Mention the MD5 checksum of the original NewGRF in the ´saveload failed horribly´-error message and make it more clear that the filename is of the current NewGRF [FS#3139] (r17267)
- Change: Make overbuilding the front tile of a road station/depot with road consistent with overbuilding the front tile of tunnels/bridges [FS#2802] (r17239)
- Change: Improve error output on missing or corrupt files (r17238)
- Change: [Unix] Only use colorized error output on interactive terminals (r17227)
- Change: [NoAI] Crash an AI when it uses a DoCommand / Sleep instead of just printing an error message in the AI Debug Window [FS#2980] (r17223)
- Change: [NoAI] When the API requests a string as parameter allow every squirrel type and convert to a string [FS#3101] (r17221)
- Change: Make strgen warn if the translation uses STRINGn or RAW_STRING instead of STRING (r17137, r17129)
- Change: [NoAI] Load the API before compiling an AI script so AIs can subclass API classes and use API constants as part of their own constants (r17043)
- Change: Add notion of Ctrl+Click in the tooltip for Loan borrow/repay buttons [FS#3066] (r16979)
- Change: [MSVC] Make all language files depend on english.txt (r16975)
- Change: There is no point in not randomising engine introduction-date before 1922. Instead disable the randomisation for the first two years after game-start, so you do not have to wait for the first engine (r16929)
- Fix: [Squirrel] In some cases the call stack would not be cleaned up properly during crash handling. Occasionally this causes asserts to be triggered or crashes [FS#3189] (r17515)
- Fix: When loading GRFConfigs from ini file, validate them wrt. duplicate GRF IDs [FS#3197] (r17510)
- Fix: When building a part fails during cloning, sell what was already cloned instead of leaving it ´for free´. Also make cloning multiheaded trains possible with with ´max - 1´ vehicles existing [FS#3196] (r17509)
- Fix: [NoAI] The wrong value was restored to SetAllowDoCommand possible resulting in an AI that was not allowed to do any actions (r17500)
- Fix: Road vehicles could get lost when the prelimiary destination (for the pathfinder heuristics) is unreachable [FS#3188] (r17491)
- Fix: When building roads is not allowed for town, then do not build the initial piece either [FS#3173] (r17444)
- Fix: Destruction of depots did not remove any vehicle lists related to the depot, causing windows pointing to deleted depots and (thus) crashes [FS#3180] (r17442)
- Fix: Economy recession would never end when economy is set to Steady while in recession (r17426)
- Fix: The index of orders loaded from old savegames was owerwritten with an unitialized value (r17419)
- Fix: Incomplete check on validity of industry type when building industries (r17413)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Guard against Squirrel stack overflows (r17403)
- Fix: [NoAI] During every save a few slots on the Squirrel stack were leaked (r17402)
- Fix: [NoAI] Several AITile::* functions did not check whether their parameters were valid (r17378)
- Fix: Memory leak when trying to bankrupt the local company, other minor improvements of bankruptcy (r17342, r17341, r17340)
- Fix: Not all non-ASCII characters were entered with escapes in the About window (r17309)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIRail::RemoveRailTrack returned ERR_PRECONDITION_ERROR for road/rail-crossings (r17307)
- Fix: [NoAI] Reloading an AI started a new AI in the first available company slot causing other AIs to be started [FS#3153] (r17298)
- Fix: [NoAI] AITown::GetLastMonthTransported did not work as documented at all, make it return what AITown::GetLastMonthProduction did (r17293)
- Fix: Crash after upgrading base graphics set when opening the game options menu and you were using the upgraded set [FS#3147] (r17291)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Stack was not always cleared properly with tail recursion (r17284)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Calling a function that has default parameters with not enough parameters can cause a crash (r17273)
- Fix: Other tunnel end not shown if building rail tunnels and the first railtype is not available yet [FS#3141] (r17251)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIs that crashed during Save() were not killed as they should [FS#3134] (r17231)
- Fix: [NoAI] Do not assert when an AI uses AI*Mode objects incorrectly but crash the AI instead (r17230)
- Fix: Remove the (deprecated since 2006) Encoding entry from the openttd.desktop file (r17226)
- Fix: With time tables vehicles would stay in the ´loading´ state after they have finished loading [FS#3129, FS#3130] (r17222)
- Fix: Do not ignore white space changes (e.g. alignment fixes) in the exporter (r17220)
- Fix: [NoAI] IsRoadTypeAvailable(GetCurrentRoadType()) was not a precondition for several AIRoad::* functions (r17203)
- Fix: [NoAI] Do not say you are building a depot when you are actually building a station (API docs typo) (r17201)
- Fix: Accept monthly production values in the scenario editor [FS#2406] (r17198)
- Fix: [Squirrel] FPE when an AI tried to do ´% 0´ (r17195)
- Fix: [NoAI] Guard the valuator against ´external´ modifications of the valuated list which could cause it to go into an infinite loop [FS#3124] (r17193)
- Fix: Do not return exit value of rm, but of the actual configure run (r17163)
- Fix: A stuck train could free the reservation of another train if it was reversed or did crash (r17152)
- Fix: A train entering a PBS section through a block signal could cause a train crash if another reservation ending at a safe tile was already present in the section [FS#3104] (r17151)
- Fix: Update vehicle position cache when the vehicle sprite changes [FS#3060] (r17121)
- Fix: Mark industry tiles dirty when trigger are triggered (r17118)
- Fix: Squirrel_export.sh failed for some locales (r17109)
- Fix: Make restart command work again and make the help show how it works and how it does not work [FS#3092] (r17097)
- Fix: News message about ordered refits failing was not very clear [FS#3091] (r17096)
- Fix: Crash when renaming some stations [FS#3082] (r17078)
- Fix: RPM spec file failed for CentOS; apparantly their rpmbuild is pickier or so [FS#3024] (r17077)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Mark house tiles dirty when triggers were triggered (r17047)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Trigger house trigger 02 only for the north tile [FS#3085] (r17046)
- Fix: Graphical glitch with graph key [FS#3083] (r17041)
- Fix: ´[bd]ash´-ism in configure [FS#3076] (r17026)
- Fix: Infinite recursion in content dependency checking [FS#3075] (r17015)
- Fix: Concatenating strings in Squirrel when non-ASCII strings were received from OpenTTD failed [FS#3074] (r17013)
- Fix: [NoAI] Documentation of AITile::LevelTiles was wrong (r17049)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIBridge::GetPrice returned incorrect values (r16986)
- Fix: Make it so that failing to generate many random towns in scenario editor returns a failing message [FS#3059] (r16977)
- Fix: The last manually added server would not be saved [FS#3062] (r16981)