View Full Version : The Dreamcast Scene in the Mainstream

March 21st, 2004, 23:31
LyonHrt over at DCEvolution (http://www.dcevolution.netfirms.com) has posted this rather interesting news from a Games Magazine:[br][br] You know everytime i see something to do with the dreamcast dev/emu scene mentioned (even in a small article) it makes me proud to see it, (I tell people hey i know that guy! Or i tested that!) So when you see a big article you just have to tell the world (kinda like what i'm doing now).[br][br]In a fairly new mag (current issue #2), called Retro* Gamer (a uk mag by Live publishing), has a nice feature on the console dev scene, including of course the beloved Dreamcast, and even mentions www.consolevision.com (what no mention of dcevolution, i'm outraged...), which covers everything from dcgen and dreamspec to scummvm.[br]And also it has a nice interview with Dreamspec and DC64 creator Big Boy (which hopefully will have a snipit online soon).[br][br]Also continuing the subject, the ever popular game Beats of Rage got a mention in xbox mag xboxgamer as part an A to Z of xbox hacking. [br][br]Head on over to DCEvolution (http://www.dcevolution.netfirms.com) for more info.