View Full Version : What firmware should i download (PSP 2000)

October 9th, 2009, 11:10
Hi, im a newbie when it comes to psp and stuff, so please try to explain with details, thx.

A couple of years ago i got a PSP 2000 (I guess it is, its got a thick ring, it's black and it says "home" and not "PS".

I've heard that i might not be able to play some games, if i havn't got the newest firmware, so i went on google to find some.

I found a lot of firmware, but it also said "Important: Dont install on PSP 3000 or PSP 2000, it might crack up your PSP", that kinda scared me :(

So please tell me what firmware i should install on my PSP, without destroying it, i want to be able to play all the new games, cuz i thought of buying some new games.. I only got fifa 07 (LOL!!!) and some old GTA game ..

I hope you understood everything, if not please tell me, and ill try to explain it a little better :D:thumbup:


October 9th, 2009, 16:03
Right now I think 5.00 M33-6 is the best.

October 19th, 2009, 09:00
They've just released 5.50 GEN a couple of weeks ago. Give that a try since that bypasses the security for some newer games (e.g. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2). For giving your PSP a custom FW, try either 3.72, 3.80, 3.90, or 4.01 to start, then update it to 5.50 GEN