View Full Version : M3 Mini-SD where to buy in the UK

May 26th, 2006, 11:42
I currently have a F2A 256Mb card that has served me well, but just isn't big enough for all the DS stuff I wanna play with, currently i can't fit sam and max and day of the tentacle on my ds at the same time, clearly I need to do something about it.

I've been looking at the M3 mini-sd as I want a card that doesn't stick out of my ds too much and I can use upgradable cards with. From what I can make out online the M3 is a far better card in comparison to the mini-sd supercard.

I don't have an M3, mini-sd card (1 gig?), or a card reader, any suggestions where I could get all these for as cheap as possible in the UK? I've been searching around myself but I haven't found anything where I don't get shafted by postage etc. Any suggestions?

*edit and i don't need a passme of any kind, i've got that sorted*

May 26th, 2006, 16:40
well for the card i would go to ebay.co.uk I bought a 2gb sandisk card for about 40 from the seller


I have bought from him before as well and always get the item within a week, just view his shop, some prices are in dollars and some in UK Sterling so just look to see which is the cheapest.

The M3 mini sd can be bought from divineo (US site not UK) but they ship to the UK.

go to www.divineo.com, make sure you're in the US site, then click on DS on the top and then click on Backup/development and scroll down to the M3 mini sd without passkey and it should be $79.99

that's it, I got my m3 mini sd off ebay for about 40 but I can't find any on there now.