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May 30th, 2006, 23:24
Many people have problems mounting .cdi self-booting images using D-Tools > 3.29 or other media emulation-apps to play em on the popular DC emulator Chankast.

With this (pretty easy and basic) way you may get any .cdi image to work using Alcohol 120%, Nero Imagedrive (suggested) or even newest D-Tools - at least if the .cdi image isn't corrupted.

The suggested version of D-Tools for CREATING images working WITHOUT D-Tools 3.29 is 3.29 itself - other versions may work, too.

This method may be the solution for people who have the problem that their self-bootable image would go to the BIOS menu after loading up ("spinning CD"), too!

You will need:
- FrogASPI (included in attachment)
- Nero any version
- D-Tools (for creating images 3.29 is best try)
- Newest Chankast
- brain (at least some)

- Install FrogASPI (rename dll to wnaspi32.dll and copy it to C:\WINDOWSINSTALL\system32)
- Mount .cdi file using D-Tools (if image isn't self-bootable yet, make it self-bootable using ExoBoot or sth)
- Open up Nero and go to "recorder"->"copy disc"
- In tab "image" deselect deletion of image
- In tab "copy options" deselect "direct copy" and select the drive where the .cdi is mounted
- In "reading options" select "Data CD"
- Click on "copy"
- Close Nero after it asks for an empty CD in burner
- Mount created .nrg file using Nero Image Drive (suggested), Alcohol 120% or D-Tools 4.x
- Open up Chankast, open "Configure Plugins" and select aspi instead of xxx as CDRom Plugin
- In "Options" Select the drive you've mounted the .nrg to
- Run the game

Known Bugs:
- Creating the .nrg without Nero, using cdi2nero.exe currently won't work because the multiple sessions/tracks needed for self-bootability won't be written correctly
- Creating the .nrg using UltraISO won't work, either

Please post your suggestions and/or experiences regarding this theme.

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▀Řbonió $o˝ic
May 31st, 2006, 10:41
i think CK simply neeeds to be updated

May 31st, 2006, 11:20
I think you've missed my point, mate, Chankast 0.25 currently HAS problems with non-selfbooting games and a new Daemon-Tools version won't interprete the .cdi format correctly so that CK thinks it isn't self-bootable.

My thread was a suggestion/how-to, not a problem/question :)