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January 14th, 2005, 06:40
i cant decide which one to take, nokia 7650 or n-gage
pls help...
which one is better

and just one more question; is nokia n-gage QD better than nokia n-gage... ???

January 14th, 2005, 21:28
I think your poll setup is a little jacked up. But anyways, it all depends on what you want or need. All the new series 60 symbian phones (n-gage, qd, 6620, 7650...etc) are by software base essentially the same thing.

The only main difference between the N-gages phones and the other Nokia phones is that the N-gage control and keypad layout. Also, it's missing the the camera option, and has less colors but otherwise, nearly identical. The Other symbian nokia phones can technically play N-Gage games (for example, I can play Sonic, Rayman, Puypop, Spiderman..etc on my 6620) to a certain extent, but other games are not 100% compatible. Thats due to the Ngage uses an older SDK and older symbian platform.

The difference between Ngage and QD is :
USB support - QD remove USB connections for bluetooth. Old ngage has it.
Size - qd is smaller. Keys are closer to one another.
Stereo - QD has no stereo. Old Ngage does.
Radio - QD has no radio support. Old ngage does.
HotSwap - The old N-gage requires you to power off the n-gage, open up the back cover, remove the battery pack, and then you swtich games. And since re-powering up the n-gage can kill your battery, the new QD has provided a "hotswap" ability where you can just remove the game and swtich to another without having to power down.
NGage Arena - QD has the Ngage arena loaded in. Old ngage will require to you download the arena software and install it on your own.

Otherwise, the old ngage and QD both run exactly the same.