View Full Version : Messed up memory stick

November 15th, 2009, 08:53
OK. Not too long ago I bought an 8 gig MagicGate stick and ran across a problem about a month or 2 in. The same problem I'm having once again: In the middle of a game, the game would tell there are no save files and it can't save. I restart the PSP and go back to my games folder. THERE ARE NO GAMES it tells me. No music, no pictures, nothing. Although the memory of these files are still being taken up (about 7 gigs). I don't think the memory stick is corrupted because it still works on our other PSP.

November 15th, 2009, 23:38
did you actually buy it as a magic gate to use with pandora?

If it was for a pandora then Im not actually Sure. But if it was just a normal memory stick, all your need to do is but your backup files back on, assuming you did a backup and then format the memory stick. If not try making the magic memory stick for pandora v8 i think it was, but just use the way to make the magic memory stick, then you have to convert it back to a normal card. Theres a great tutorial for this on qj.net forgive me for posting abit of a link there. Wasent quite sure if your alowed or not.