View Full Version : Booting Homebrew with Dc Hakker

June 9th, 2006, 19:49
Step 1

Download a NERO or DiscJuggler image of Dc Hakker (or Demo Menu) and burn it with the appropriate program. You will need NERO in order to follow this tutorial. Download and install the Nero demo.


Download the plain files of the homebrew games, apps, or demos you want to burn. Extract the plain files.

Rename the 1st_read.bin of each homebrew to match its name. [Rename the Feet of Fury 1st_read.bin to FeetofFury.bin, rename the dcQuad 1st_read.bin to dcQuad.bin, rename the Drxlax binary to Drxlax.bin etc..]



Open NERO. Start a multisession disc. Burn the plain files on this disc. Use whatever settings you like (I use Mode-1 Level-2).



Boot Dc Hakker, swap in your multisession disc. Click Rescan to view the files on your multisession disc. Select the binary you want to run and click Open to run it. Press Y before loading if it is an unscrambled binary.


*If you use Demo Menu..

Rescan = B button

Open = A button

Adding new Homebrew

If you want to add more homebrew stuff to your multisession CD just put it in your CD-r drive, openNERO and click Continue Multisession disc then burn your new homebrew game, app or demo on the disc.