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November 24th, 2009, 00:28
Hi all,
this has proberly been covered loads of times but i need a bit of guidance :)
i have a psp 1000 which a m8 of mine has put on firmware 3.71 m33.2 via a pandora battery
i can get a few games to run ok but a good majority of them come up with (80020148) error and the game does not load.
as my m8 does not seem to want to reply to my pleas of help i am asking here.
is there anything i need to do to get the psp to play all games?
do i need to change firmware again if so to what and where ?would i need to get a pandora battery to change firmware again ? as at the moment i have not got one.
i have tried reading through the various threads and it seems like there are many different firmwares out there, to be honest i just found myself getting more confused over it :(
would also be interested to hear what are the best emulators for the psp,?and how to get them running
as m8 did put a few on the mem stick but these failed to work, he did say there are better emulators out there but didnt give me any ideas as to what or where (some m8 :( )
i feel like i am nearly there but im sure there is something else amiss to get all games working :)
thanks for any help, guidance, and links to downloads anyone can supply

November 24th, 2009, 02:41
Pandora Battery does not work in PSP3000, unless you know something we do not.

November 24th, 2009, 03:14
Pandora Battery does not work in PSP3000, unless you know something we do not.

cheers for the reply,
sorry for the mistake
its the 1000 i have (the original psp)
not the 3000
hopefully i have now changed the original post to reflect this :)

December 5th, 2009, 11:16
datman - its time to leave the nest. your m8 is not gonna hold your hands and looks like most of us here aren't gonna either. you have to be independent.

10 minutes ago, i had a semi-bricked phat - where i could not get into the xmb without going thru the recovery menu (holding power button on and pressing R shoulder button simultaneously).

the phat was cfw 3.52 m33-4 10 minutes ago. now, it is the cfw 5.00 m33-6. i haven't fully tested it yet as i am writing this response but it is fluently going thru the xmb.

now, i am not gonna tease you any further.

the process to recover from a semi-bricked phat and the process of upgrading/downgrading cfw can be done using the same Hellcat's Recovery Flasher v1.60 (i think that is the latest). download that and read the readme file - it explains the whole process there.

what you want to do is to get to cfw 5.00 m33-6 then go further to those latest cfw 5.50 GEN-x (x denoting either a, b, b2, c, d, whatever) in additional (3 or 4 more) steps. its just a matter of getting those downloads eboot.pbp files.

i let you figure out how to do those additional steps - but its simpler than the simple process of the Hellcat.

btw, if you wanted ever to make a pandora battery, you can use this Hellcat's Recovery Flasher to make one. but you only need basically a pandora battery and the mms (magic memory stick) in the case of a fully bricked psp... so irrelevant in your case.

the cfw version that you currently have is the lowest version compat to both phat and slim, i think. not that that matters.

please check my info here - with qualifications i made these statements but my phat is working using this method...