View Full Version : Update me please!! (V2.01)

June 16th, 2006, 20:20
Hi all, been away for a while,

Hoping there is more to get homebrew on the 2.01 firmware.

Gimme some good news!

June 17th, 2006, 00:28
ok, last i heard the GTA loader was the only option to load homebrews on my V2.01, is there any standalone loaders out there?

June 17th, 2006, 00:51
nope I feel bad too, 2.01 is like losing a race by half a millisecond. If you had 2.0 you could get down to 1.5 which is the best (1.0 is good too but mostly everything seems directed at 1.5).

June 17th, 2006, 02:56
Ya, I sucks. You are so close, but no cigar :p I know how you fell, because I too bought a 2.01 PSP.

June 17th, 2006, 03:41
Yeah, the gta eboot loader is your only option im afraid :p