View Full Version : Why You Shouldn't Go Beyond The 2.00 Firmware

June 16th, 2006, 20:23
I have been around and have been with the scene since the swaploit exploit where we had to switch the MS's while our emus and apps ran so i've heard a lot of things.

One thing i've heard lately is that people who are you on 1.50 are a little bit bored with everything and want to upgrade to the later firmwares.

This thread that I have started will consist of reasons why you never should.

First of all the psp 1.50's features (that matter) are
ISO's (If your evil!) if you own the game do it up though.
Ability ro view photos, play UMD's/games, chill with homebrew WHILE LISTENING TO MUSIC!!!
(Ir Shell!)
Better booting visual while running an app. (in my opinion)
Upgrade to a higher firmware (2.00) and safely come back down when you wish.

for sake of argument i will just use 2.50 as an example because 2.60 is buggier than the 2.50 and 2.70 has weak improvemtns and 2.71 is of course a security patch for the flash games (I'm sure it is not 100% sure.)

Things 2.50 has- - -
music (i think 1-2 new formats supported)
photos (tiff doesnt work due to the 2.00 exploit)
videos (new format supported)
backgrounds (more clear!)
you will play all games without having to worry.
eloader (so unsmooth, operates like a beta)

Alright notice that on the 2.50 firmware you can't -
listen to music while playing your fun apps,
ISOS, (pirates)
crappy booting visual and you also
cannot upgrade to a firmware and then go back down.

So why should you upgrade for you pirates well you can now load the 2.50 firmware on your 1.50 psp's screw upgrading? I hope you think so. Why would you even want to run commercial games anyway? They all stink. We used to think that with the 2.00 update from GTA that we were all done for 1.50 but we're loading up to 2.50 now and I believe that 1.50 will exist forever and that in time we'll be able to load the 2.70+ games but of course, it will take time.

BIG reasons why you should never upgrade

-Patience is a virtue, your game will be loaded soon; until then, play it on your dumb friends psp who upgraded! :)
-You may wanna upgrade and all but you'll get sick of that firmware quicker than you did your 1.50 (ever think about that?)
-1.50 thorugh 2.00 is rare and hard to come by now so think of it as a collectible.
-Emulators such as SNES, NES, SEGA, Gamegear, Gameboy, N64, (has a lot to go. . .) Atari 260, NeoGeoCD,
-firmware on 2.01 through 2.60 is totally glitchy, unsmooth, operates as a beta, and doesnt load like half of the homebrew 1.50 can run or 2.00.

If you wanna upgrade go to 2.00 and enjoy that. If you need a location freeplayer you need to get outside more and stay away from the T.V

Upgrading is what Sony wants you to do!

and im sure they'll get some of you too with the ps1 emu dumb idea in my opinion. . .a ps1 emu will come sometime on the 1.50

Be smart people