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December 10th, 2009, 21:46
News via pegasus2000 (http://forums.qj.net/psp-development-forum/162373-rumor-next-nanodesktop-0-5-ndpython-s252n05.html)

We're working hardly.

In the next Nanodesktop 0.5 a new professional support for SDL library (called ndSDL) will
be included.

The new technology is fully compliant with the code coming from x86 world: it supports
SDL, SDLGfx, SDLNet, SDLMixer, SDLTTF, and SDL Image, with hardware acceleration
and full integration with Nanodesktop environment.

Some weeks after the next release, in Italy a new initiative will start: the Nanodesktop
Games Initiative. Several games have been already ported from the x86 world with few
rows of code (thanks to the advanced emulation technology provided by ndSDL) and
they will be made freely available to the people.

The next ndPython, instead, shall integrate the PyGame library. In this way, you can
execute all games that in x86 world are developed in Python.
(PyGame library)

ndPython shall integrate also the numpy library, that shall make it compatible with
several Python scientifical applications.

Nanodesktop 0.5 will integrate also a set of video codecs for video playing/decoding.

So... stay tuned.

December 10th, 2009, 22:03
"We're working hardly." :rofl:

I like that...