View Full Version : Emulator/stuff Reccomendations?

July 5th, 2006, 18:18

Well i just downgraded my 2.6 psp to 1.5 and now am looking for good emulators / random stuff to fiddle with. so..

Whats the best snes emulator out at the moment?

How is N64 emulation going?

Any programs worth having?

Would be gratefull for any reccomendations, as i dont really want to spend ages looking for good emulators?

Thanks in advance


July 5th, 2006, 18:39
The latest ME version of Snes. (Forgot which version it was) N64 emulation is pretty good. Some programs/emulators worth having:

DGen v1.60
PSPVBA 1.0.4
PSPMSX 1.0.5
Dev Hook (Emulate PSP v2.50)
PS Personalise (Change wallpapers)

Thats what i recommend. :)