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July 10th, 2006, 12:57
My friend has recently picked up an M3 Adaptor SD for his DS Lite; but I notice that like GBA games, it sticks out of the slot making the whole thing look a bit ridiculous!

I would like to get an M3, but i see that recently a third variant of the product was released which uses Mini SD. Does this fit nicely into the DS Lite GBA slot? Or does look as imbecilic as the original?

July 10th, 2006, 14:26
It sticks out just like the SD version . Currently your only (good) option is the G6 Lite which fits flush but will cost you about 90 bucks and is only 512 meg (ouch) . I remember reading about one that took micro SD an only stuck out a couple mm's but I can't find it now .

I have a supercard in my DS Lite and you really do get used to it . The only problem I have is when I put it in my pocket . Well that and trying to put the thing down and actually get some work done .

July 10th, 2006, 15:05
Pity. What about this post (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=149579&postcount=5)?

How soon is "soon?" Worth waiting for, or pure speculation?

July 11th, 2006, 15:34
it's speculation, i know for sure there will be a Supercard Micro by the end of the month because the owner of supercardstore.com has ordered 100

July 20th, 2006, 12:05
Is there anything that could potentially go wrong when flashing a DS Lite? If I were to flash my DS using my friends equipment, I could save a few quid; but only if there is little danger of bricking.

Also, is there anyway to transfer a save from a legitimate cartridge to a flash device? Or is that me being far too hopeful :p
And does anyone know of a good place to buy these things in the UK? I think I'd like the G6 Lite for its cosmetic values.

July 22nd, 2006, 13:24
What's the deal with the Ninjapass cards? They look pretty intriguing. Does anyone have any idea when we can except them to be released?