View Full Version : G6 Lite skin howto?

Quay Cur
July 12th, 2006, 15:53
Curious if anyone knows of any good resources on how to make a skin for the G6 Lite, which I imagine to be the same as a G6 or M3. Or if anyone here has done it would you mind enlightening me?

I have also heard that the G6 Lite will support use of the touch screen. If so, will that be retained when skinning it? This may be well known among current G6/M3 owners, but I don't own either.

Making the new graphics won't be a problem, it's just that I've never skinned anything and have no idea how to apply it or make the files.

Edit: I'm a jerk. G6 offeres their own software to do this. Guess I didn't research enough before I asked.

August 28th, 2006, 13:30
you guys are all good to go... i'm still stuck trying to figure out how to skin the gba version of the g6... i use my g6 on my micro and i just wanna skin the loader a bit... but the only thing that can be done for that is wallpaper and 'press start' screen...