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February 2nd, 2010, 10:46
Nintendomax Wii Dev Competition 2010


Objective Contest :

- Create a homebrew for the Wii.

Presentation :

- Deadline: May 30, 2010 at midnight your time.
- Categories: Games.
- Duration: 4 month.
- Theme: Completely free.

Rules :

- Everyone can participate, regardless of the country.

- All games submitted must be unpublished TOTALLY on Wii. This implies that no project shall be presented was posted on another website before the close of the competition and must not have competed earlier under penalty of being automatically removed.

- The project progress can be posted during the contest period (WIP, Previews, videos, etc.).

- A Splashscreen (http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?f=105&t=11313&p=32079#p32079) will be posted april 5, 2010 after a competition for designers organized by us.

- The splashscreen will be the first image to appear in the project and will be posted at least 5 seconds. Transitions and all types of effects are allowed.

- Participants may submit 1 or more projects.

- The ranking of the competition will be defined by a jury of 10 persons (2 staff nintendomax, 1 Assentek, 1 Divineo and 6 representatives of almost all the French community). No public vote.

- The classification criteria are multiple (originality, graphics, life, gameplay, personal notes, stability / bug, etc ...), a report will be posted after the vote.

- Competition results will be posted June 30, 2010.

How do I post a project ?

- Participants must open a topic "[Compo] Project title" in section NMAX WII DEV COMPO 2010 <Games / Games (http://www.nintendomax.com/viewforum.php?f=106) forum and put available an archive of the project ready to be used exclusively for the Wii with a text file explaining the installation procedure if necessary.

- Applicants must present your project in the form :

Name : My homebrew
Author(s) : Name(s)/Nickname(s)
Origin : Country

Short description : My homebrew is a puzzle game ...

Download : http://mywebsite/.../Myhomebrew.zip .rar 7z etc...

- If you do not have hosting, we can upload your project directly on our server by sending us a request via PM or directly on the forum.

Prizes to win :

For homebrew :
- 1st -
1 Nintendo DSi XL + R4i SDHC or 1 Nintendo Wii to share with the second
1 Peluche Donkey K. 51cm
1 Bandai Mario 30cm
1 Rock Thunder Guitar
1 Challenger Sports Pack X2

- 2nd -
1 Nintendo DSi XL + R4i SDHC or 1 Nintendo Wii to share with the first
1 Rock Thunder Guitar
1 Challenger Sports Pack X2

- 3rd -
1 DS Lite + R4 SDHC
1 Rock Thunder Guitar
1 Challenger Sports Pack X2

- 4th -
1 Sega Mega Drive - ReÚdition 2009
1 Rock Thunder Guitar
1 Challenger Sports Pack X2

- 5th -
1 Rock Thunder Guitar
1 Challenger Sports Pack X2

For the contest splashscreen :
1 Rock Thunder Guitar
1 Challenger Sports Pack X2

Jury :

- Cid2mizard of www.nintendomax.com (http://www.nintendomax.com)
- Kukulcan of www.nintendomax.com (http://www.nintendomax.com)
- ftr of www.assentek.com (http://www.assentek.com)
- Damien of www.divineo.fr (http://www.divineo.fr)
- Tiwaz of www.playeradvance.org (http://www.playeradvance.org)
- Smartis of www.dev-fr.org (http://www.dev-fr.org)
- Orwel of www.wii-info.fr (http://www.wii-info.fr)
- Nany63 of www.wii-addict.fr (http://www.wii-addict.fr)
- tete2mort of www.wii-attitude.fr (http://www.wii-attitude.fr)
- Soulheaven of wii.gx-mod.com (http://wii.gx-mod.com)

Sponsors :

We thanks Divineo.fr (http://www.divineo.fr/cgi-bin/div-fr/index.html) and Assentek.com (http://www.assentek.com/catalog/) which supports the amateur development and works for enable us to organize this competition.

Other notes :

This competition is intended to :

- Promote the amateur development for the Wii.
- Giving a boost to developers not daring to cross the course code for the Wii.
- Reward the developers deserve.
- Highlight our 2 sponsors Divineo.fr (http://www.divineo.fr/cgi-bin/div-fr/index.html) and Assentek.com (http://www.assentek.com/catalog/).

We expect strong participation from all communities of amateur development.

Please visit the respective websites of our 2 sponsors Divineo.fr (http://www.divineo.fr/cgi-bin/div-fr/index.html) and Assentek.com (http://www.assentek.com/catalog/).

A big thank you to our sponsors who still play the game this year despite the low turnout last year. That is why we removed the section of applications for the competition this year. Both also tell you, a low turnout this year would put an end to amateur competitions on nintendomax.com.

Have fun :).

For questions about the contest is here => Questions Divers / Miscellaneous Questions (http://www.nintendomax.com/viewforum.php?f=107).