View Full Version : Star Trek Online DLC: What do YOU want to see?

February 3rd, 2010, 19:42
Star Trek Online developer Cryptic has called on fans of the series to suggest ideas for future DLC, expansion packs and sequels.

Speaking to CVG in the first part of our new interview, Cryptic exec producer Craig Zinkievich told us:

"There is still so much we want to add to this game. There is just so much out there in Star Trek lore and history it would have been impossible for us to get it all in at launch.

"But we really want to see what direction our community and fans want the game to go and then we want to add that in. Is it more playable options on your bridge, or engineering room? Do you want more Klingon play? More species in general to be playable?

There are just a lot of directions we can go with the game and we definitely want more and more in the game."

So there you have it.

Star Trek Online is released on Friday, and you can read the second part of our interview with Craig right here tomorrow.

What do you want to see in future STO games, readers?