View Full Version : Messing around with NesterDC SE

July 13th, 2006, 05:25
I've been messing around with the xmls for the Game Genie part of Nester. Adding codes that SHOULD have been part of the list in the first place.

Right now I was wondering if anyone knew how to add new games without messing around with rom folder?

(want to add the Earthbound Zero codes I found. ;) )

July 13th, 2006, 15:29
Are you just wanting to add codes to an existing gamegenie xml file? That is to say, on your current NesterDC disc, you already have Earthbound Zero and gamegenie codes for it?

If that is the case, look in the roms folder to see what the name of Earthbound Zero is (ex. 006), this will most likely be trial and error.

Once you know the name/number of the rom, look in the gamegenie directory, find the xml file with the same name/number and edit. Reburn the disc and you're good to go.

If you need more detailed info, let me know.

July 14th, 2006, 03:12
Sorry, doesn't work that way.

When NesterDC SE catagorizes your roms and downloads the files you want included with your NES emulator. Roms and GG files are named differently.

The roms numbered in alphabetical order. If you have Excitebike, Mario Bros and Zelda they will be catagorized as Excitebike=001.zip, Mario Bros=002.zip and Zelda=003.zip. If you add Earthbound it would be...

Earthbound=001.zip, Excitebike=002.zip, Mario Bros=003.zip, Zelda=004.zip

Game Genie, Screen Shots, Cart Images, etc have their own catagories. You can find what game's codes is listed here. http://www.sch3rz0.com/nesterdcse/nesdbbrowser/

For example.

In my roms its file 0386.zip.

On the database the other files are...
Title Pic: 0388.png
In-Game Pic: 0388.png
Box Pic: 0369.jpg
Cart Pic: 0388.png
NSF File: 0323.zip
Game Genie Codes: 0235.xml

So you see you cannot depend on what file number the rom game is under.

Now the reason why I want to know how to add codes to NesterDC SE is because Scherzo pretty much only added codes you can find in the Galoob Game Genie code book. None of the fan made codes and even some of the very good Galoob codes. (Dragon Warrior IV doesn't have its Ultimate Code). So Earthbound doesn't even have a game genie xml file.

So all I really want to know is how to add Game Genie codes for games that don't have a game genie xml in the Scherzo database?