View Full Version : problems flashing my ds firmware. Any ideas?

July 18th, 2006, 01:43
well i bought the efaII 1gb card and the nintendo ds usb wifi adaptor. ive downloaded all kinds of tutorials and files. what im doing now is booting my computer with the knoppix live linux os. ive managed to get the wmb program to send my ds nintendo demos such as the zelda gallery and famicom wars, but when i try to send the flashme.nds file, it just gives me a garbled looking nintendo logo. in the wmb help it says to add the -w to enable the wifi so i can boot from the gba, but when i do this it still asks for a nds rom, i gave it the flashme.nds and it gave me that garbled screen. i tried the zelda gallery demo and that brought up an intact nintendo logo but then it just turns both screens white. any ideas?