View Full Version : 2.71 firmware hellp!!!!

July 18th, 2006, 20:26
hey i got a japan psp and im not sure if i should emulate it with a decrypted 2.71 firmware?any suggestions? thanks

July 18th, 2006, 20:45
what do you mean by decrypt it if you already got a 2.71

July 18th, 2006, 20:54
what firmware is your PSP? I think he means devhook. Well, if you want to have the features of 2.71, than you can emulate it through devhook.

July 18th, 2006, 20:57
well... do you mean you are worried for bricking?

because if u have the memory... then why not just try it... make sure it's plugged in... and it would help if you have a wireless net connection to try out the new features :P

July 18th, 2006, 20:59
DO NOT UPGRADE TO 2.71 if you want to have homebrew that is! If you have a 1.5 emulate it through devhook!

July 18th, 2006, 21:31
oh my question is that can i use the reboot.bin file in the decrypted US 2.71 firmware to a JAPAN psp...
my psp firmware is 1.5 =)

July 19th, 2006, 20:48
idk, try and see.