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July 18th, 2006, 23:21
Can anyone help me decide which flash card to choose?

First off sorry for my english. I have done some research but I am confused about some things in the process maybe we can clear some things up for the other noobs like me

I know the first thing I need to do is get a no pass device such as

Ninja pass
Ez Pass 3
Passme 3
Mk4 mini (has 2 mbit for saves)

I believe they are all basically the same apart from the mk4 and mk4 mini which have a switch for different modes and the mk4 mini has 2mbit for saves.

I hear you can patch ds and gba roms so instead of saving on the cartridge you save on the mk4 mini card

Atm I am pluming for the mk4 mini because it has the erom for saves and seems to be the most compatible.

Ok now on to the main issue the flash card. Iíve removed all the much more expensive and old cards and came up with this list

Super card mini sd, new design £47 +superkey (size of gba cart?)
M3 Mini SD, the new design the one that does not stick out £80 with a passme
EZ Flash 4 Lite, takes mini sd (size of gba cart) £45 with super key
Ez4 Tf Lite micro sd sticks out a tiny bit from a ds lite (£50 pounds with passme
G6 Lite 512mb, £75 pounds with passme

I was going to go for the Ez4 Tf lite as it took sd cards and has some nor flash but apparently it does not have a battery and real time clock. I also saw on a video clip some guy remove the micro sd card using a screwdriver!!!

Will the ez4 delete the files as soon as I switch if off because it does not have an internal battery and clock

I heard that the super card and m3 saved games by switching it off!! Is this true and can you save games any other way cos I donít want to switch it off just to save.

How do these devices save games.
Can I have multiple saves for one game/games?
can I backup the saves to my pc?
Which is best for saves?
What are real time saves?

Iíve heard of a function called instant save does that mean I can save at any time during the game not just using save points, like in Mario?

How are the carts on games and roms.
I hear the ez mini sd has slight slowdown while playing fmv intensive games.
though the reviewer said it might have been the sd card he was using.
What are your guys experiences of this and does the micro sd version suffer the same?
What is Nand Bypass?
How does it load gba games?
What is this Nor flash memory?

All cards can play movies, mp3. View pictures and display e-books is this true?
I also like running freeware software, I Especially want an IRC client, Do all cards support the same software?

Are there any issues or problems you guys know about the cards?

Thanks for reading i really appreciate it.