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July 19th, 2006, 18:23
Hello, this is my first post. I have done some searching for information on this but came up empty.

My problem is I bring my PSP to work so i have something to do there. i don't have a proper carry case, so i use an old CD walkman poncho. Last night at work when i opened my lunch pail I noticed that one of my cans of pop broke open and leaked all of its contents into the bottom of the pail. my cell phone was completly submerged and my PSP was standing on edge and the edage with the memory card and wireless switch was in the pop. When I pulled the PSP out the memory light was on and green. but the PSP was off. I pulled the battery and the memery stick and let it dry out. I tried it out today. The wireless light came on and was red but I didn't get any power light.

If anyone has any info to help my it would be nice so I can get the wife off my back and stop yelling at me for being an idoit.


July 19th, 2006, 18:36
ok two things
1. u could of shorted something out in ur psp(usually what happens when liquid meets an electronic device)
2. ur battery could be dead(hope its this one)

July 19th, 2006, 21:42
standard procedure for these accidents is not easy, and is not 100% reliable but here goes.

you need to open up the psp(it gets worse from here)
take apart everything which will come apart easily(remember where it goes)
then you need to submerge the pieces in as pure water as you can get, cold de ionized water, not from the tap and definatley not mineral water.
basically you need to remove all of the pop and clean the whole thing out.
then it needs to dry completely at least 24hr to remove any liquid still on the psp

i really wouldnt recommend it though, and it is quite possile certain parts need to stay dry,im guessing the lcd is one and the battery is a definate.

please dont jump the gun and follow my advice, get proffessional advice. phone sony or an electrical specialist

im thinking turning it on again could have been your worst mistake though, that would short the circuit.

being a bit picky here but if the left side light is orange, it is memory access, if the light is green then it is wifi access.

July 20th, 2006, 02:05
i completely took apart the psp and clean everything i could with a lint free cloth and where safe alcohol. the description of the lights are true, that's what made me more scared. I'm tring to get ahold of sony but to no avail. i think that its compeltly messed. on the bright side the replacement i get i won't make the mistake and upgrade the firmware to 2.71, hehehe

July 20th, 2006, 05:50
The replacement i get i won't make the mistake and upgrade the firmware to 2.71, hehehe

It'll probably already be a 2.71.

July 20th, 2006, 14:23
ahh the benefit from living in norhtern ontario, the local dept. store should still have old stock. the problem is paying more for it than at a larger city store.

July 20th, 2006, 15:04
I can safely say my friend sony would send you a 2.71 or maybe a rigged 2.71 that say's 1.5 when you get it then press x. You press x and it's like SUPRISE!!! 2.71 baby yeah!!!!! Flash 6, A Web browser that my mother could have made! Woohoo. Sorry bud, you could always take it back and tell the store (work exchange student) that it's a heavy sleeper...:o . Goodluck

ps: Don't suppose you could get me a 1.5 while your at it...:cool:

July 22nd, 2006, 00:26
well i'm happy today, i tried my psp for the fun of it and holy s*** it worked, my game saves are there and everything is working fine. i did go look at the local store for older version psp's but i missed it by 2 week, they sold the old one and have new stock in know. damn, still stuck with 2.71