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January 1st, 1970, 01:00
Posted by Felix(admin) in the FreeDo forums[br] Hi all.[br] I'd like to announce of upcoming release of following ports of FreeDO.[br] 1. PS2 Port (using original/licensed PS2 sdk)[br] 2. XBOX Port (using original/licensed XBOX sdk)[br] 3. PocketPC port[br] 4. PalmOS 5 port[br] [b]5. DreamCast port (long expected )[br][br]Also we're ready to manufacture the following 3DO adapters:[br] 1. 3do to pc/mac usb[br] 2. 3do to ps2 usb[br] 3. 3do to xbox[br] 4. 3do to ipaq (36xx/37xx/38xx/39xx/hpipaq)[br] 5. 3do to palm/sony[br]Please note that for PS2 and XBOX ports we've signed official license agreements. So we will have to charge for pressed discs and to 3do adapters for them. We promise to keep the prices as low as possible, just to cover the royalties.[br]Also please note that win32/mac versions will always remain free.[br][br]Please tell us what do you think...[br]Also we'd like to open preorder thread in order to check the demand. [br][br]Felix was/is also one of the developers of Icarus (dreamcast emulator) so he should know the hardware well! [br] Freedo website (http://www.freedo.org/)

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February 11th, 2005, 11:58
felix posted way back in sept in a topic about a possable dreamcast port:

guys, just to stop this flame. Freedo can run on DreamCast with full speed. Dreamcast and 3do has more similarities than PC and 3do -- in PC CPU is important part and emulates virtually everything. BUT!!! in dream cast -- CPU can emulate ARM very fast, DSP can emulate DSP of 3do very fast too, and what's important -- w/o resources of CPU. Also PVR2 is probably the only 3d processor which can virtually be used as CEL engine.

BUT!!! All this with ONE condition -- somebody need to code all this.

February 11th, 2005, 15:50
holy smokes thats very cool

February 11th, 2005, 20:16
They have been saying that for YEARS. Not to say they don'te actually plan on it, but it's not an open source emulator, so it won't be a casual port.

February 11th, 2005, 21:06
yeah, if it happens, that would be cool, best of luck to the porters/ coders/ team.

February 12th, 2005, 04:23
I'll believe it when I see it... :-/

February 21st, 2005, 16:52
just a little but more info:

Dreamcast version will be available for free. Only 3do->DC adapter will be sold. The DC version was build using KOS.

quzar: i think they said that it was possiable for ages, but this is the first time they have said they would do it. but i guessing the dc version is low piority since is the last in the list

also someone postedf this

How on earth do you expect to get this running on palm os 5? It will be awesome if you can it just seems immprobable. If you doo get it running will you offer tapwave zodiac support? and inreply admin said :

currently it runs well on Tungsten T5. Unfortunately we don't have access to tapwave zodiac to try it or to optimize it.

so its seems they had already started porting, to some systems

February 22nd, 2005, 17:52
Sounds interesting, but I won't release fireworks til something actually comes out for DC. Others agree with me on that. All in all, it would be great to have FreeDo on DC and I hope it's a bigger priority than Palm Pilot >_<