View Full Version : Monkey Island 'inspires' new title

February 28th, 2010, 20:39
Ex-lead designer on Curse Of Monkey Island Bill Tiller has told CVG that his new game has been 'inspired' by the classic LucasArts title.

Tiller's Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island features three playable characters that recently turned into ghosts - and are now looking for chances to get back into their living bodies.

"The idea behind making Ghost Pirates was really to give me a chance to make my own Monkey Island-like game, but at the same time I didn't want to do a story about Guybrush," Tiller told CVG.

"I am huge fan of the MI series, especially of Monkey 1 and 2. And this is sort of my way of making a fan game, just like the ton of Monkey Island fans out there that made MI comics, games, plays, and MI fan art. I am just like them but I am lucky in that I got to actually work on one.

"But I always encouraged Monkey Fans not to copy Monkey Island exactly or make a Monkey Island fan game. I wanted them to make their own game inspired by Monkey Island, which is what I did here. Which is also what the writers and directors of Pirates of the Caribbean movie is- it one big MI fan movie- true, inspired heavily by the Disneyland ride, but an homage to MI none the less.

"So the humor in Ghost Pirates is similar but not the same, but it is most like the Curse of Monkey Island art because obviously I like that style. The biggest change is that I have more colors and pixels to work with and I didn't use any pencil out lines.

"So MI fans should expect to get the same feel from Curse of Monkey Island but different style of writing, game design and story. Plus I added a few twists based on the fact that the characters are ghosts and that you play three of them instead of just one."

Ghost Pirates hit UK shelves on Friday.