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July 22nd, 2006, 18:54
Ok i want to buy either g6 ez flash 4 lite or super card 4 lite i never had one before i wanna play pokemon games and i need good speen on ds play play back and gba play back just cant decide wich is better because im new at this thanks.

July 23rd, 2006, 00:26
g6 lite sounds like the best bet for you. It can play pokemon ds games and has great gba compatability THe only problem is that it doesn't have as much memory as the others can have. If you have a small collection of games or don't mind constantly managing your files from your pc to your g6, then this is for you.

Supercard lite is probably your second best bet for ds compatability (there's 1 game that doesn't work on it that works on m3 and it's probably a pokemon one), but it doesn't have nearly as good GBA compatability as ez or g6 (a lot of games have slowdown). Still this is your cheapest alternative and fits completely flush unlike easy which sticks out a negligable 2 millimeters and has the advantage of having a top loading memory slot

Ez4 has near perfect gba compatability, but is a little behind in ds compatability which is still pretty good except doesn't work with any of the trouble roms like puyopop prince of persia, or pokemon games. GBa pokemon games work fine.

July 23rd, 2006, 06:53
thanks buddy probaly gunna get the g6 thx for replying