View Full Version : 2.7+ flash homebrew

July 23rd, 2006, 09:12
i dont hve a 2.7 but theoretically shouldnt creating flash games for psp be easier than coding in c/c++ or lua? and the games should look better

July 23rd, 2006, 10:40
Easier? That depends on how familiar you are with ActionScript. ActionScript is arguably more powerful than the PSP implementation of Lua because it's got a fairly broad, well-developed API. If you're familiar with that API, then, yeah, it's almost certainly easier than Lua. But Lua's really pretty easy to use, so even a seasoned ActionScript veteran doesn't have any real advantage over an experienced coder new to Lua.

The biggest problem with Flash on the PSP is that it's nowhere near as capable as it is on your home computer. It can only handle relatively small files, and it's got a pretty low frame rate. These issues pretty much negate any advantage it might have over Lua. Additionally, one of the reasons Flash looks better is because of it's native handling of vector graphics, but since the PSP doesn't have the nessecary hardware specs for decent vector rendering, you're stuck with using bitmaps for best performance, which pretty much negates the "better appearance" advantage as well. Lua has a lot of issues itself, but it's a lot easier to ensure usability with it. You at least have some control over that aspect, while if you try to program Flash content for the PSP, you can try to adhere to the development guidelines as much as possible, but in the end there's going to be a bit of guesswork involved as to how your app is going to perform.

For all these reasons and more, personally, I would consider Lua to be the easiest methoud to develop content for the PSP (unless you're entirely comfortable with c/c++... that's the only real way to develop for the PSP as all other currently available methouds will always come up measurably short). There are deffinately certain things that Flash will do easier/better, but I think Lua is more capable/reliable for the broadest range of purposes. It also has the notable advantage of being 100% free to use.