View Full Version : can't get 3 wonders or SF2 running on Mame4all /ver 3!! help!

July 23rd, 2006, 13:42
I am running mame4all .ver 3 on a 2.6 firmware psp (using GTA exploit).
I've used clrMame pro on a bunch of roms (using a mame4all dat. which should fix them all to .ver. 0.34/35 roms). I can get a bunch of games running (including final fight).
But when I try to load Three Wonders, it loads all the roms, but before starting it says "osd_new_bitmap( ) : out of memory
unable to start video emulation
unable to start machine emulation
LOAD FAILED: Press A button...

I also get ths when try to load Streetfighter 2 and some other CPS1 games.

Is this because I STILL have the wrong ver. roms for these games? this is realy frustrating!!! please help!