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October 25th, 2004, 12:22
LyonHrt spotted this news over at Zeograds Lair (http://www.zeograd.com/) [br][br] After the morphos port of HuC (the author is which is now having a look to hugo itself), we now have the first screenshot of the DC port of Hu-Go!.[br]I did not make myself, it is Quzar which is to be thanked. It is not finished yet but I'll do my best to help him finish it and thus provide it as a full port (with binaries hosted here and source available on the public CVS).[br]Hopefully that some people are helping me keeping a good pace while I'm busy with other stuff :) Anyway, stay tuned for more news. [br][br]Nice to see teamwork in the world of Emulation, lets hope we see the fruits of their hardwork soon :)