View Full Version : Buying a Dreamcast

March 18th, 2010, 09:38
Hi guys, I have a question about buying a dreamcast, I have never owned one and find that a youth trauma. I've seen new unused dreamcast's for sale on an american site and was wondering if there are alos new dreamcasts for sale somewhere in Europe as this would be more convenient with the whole regional stuff. I absolutely refuse to buy one second handed when they are for sale for 99$. Also I wll not be messing around with boot up cd's and chips as most games are for sale for like 9$, so what should I do, Buy a new one from the states and just import a whole lot of games, or buy one second handed and have a lot of chance it has been messed around with, or do you know a website that sells new European Dreamcasts?

March 18th, 2010, 15:39
Buy a used console, they are cheap enough to replace if anything goes wrong.

As for importing, eBay is your friend in that very department. But you need a boot disc, which you can either buy or download. Many people download it, because of the rarity of many boot CD's. :cool: