View Full Version : Programing the DS with Basic, Need Help finding Compiler/ide

March 20th, 2010, 03:44
I only know Qbasic/freebasic both unable to compile for the ds; and would really like to create programs for the Ds. But I need help finding a compiler and ide to do this. I've tried some of the basics made specifically for the DS but found them to be buggy or just plain incomplete and or have a lack of documentation.

So in a nutshell my question is: What Basic most resembles QBasic and can compile Binarys for the Ds?

Any help is greatly appreciated.:)

I'm not quite ready for a "big boy" language yet, so learning a better (more compadable) language is not on the table.:p

Oops.... Just noticed this is in the wrong place. I meant to post it in "Nintendo DS/DSI Hacking and Development Forum"