View Full Version : New to PS3 2nd gen 80GB MGS4 bundle

April 24th, 2010, 06:37
Hi everyone!
I have just come to these forums before to watch somethings about psp and ps2, but now I'm new to the PS3 it will just come up to my hands in a few days...
I would like to know if there's any way to have this console (PS3 2nd Generation 80GB MGS4 bundle) with homebrew and emulators like other consoles, if you guys please can show me some cool stuff to do on that ps3 :D and what's the way to got that stuff...

And what's your opinion about this console, and it's too old now, right?? But I see that's the one of the two generations of ps3 that haves backwards compatibility to PS2 & PS :thumbup: so i'm very happy with it. Can't wait to play stuff...
BTW i'm going to get it in a few days (hope so) they say it's new, but anyway can you tell me what stuff should i look for it if it's broken or something? what things should i test first?? I own a PSP 1001 and a PS2 slim silver, I have understand that the PSP can be connected with the ps3 right? what for it?
Any comments or opinions /help can come always handy!

thanx in advance!